Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a slightly different paid to complete offers site that not only allows you to make money by completing offers, taking surveys, doing tasks, searching  the internet, shopping online and referring friends, but also allows you to make money by playing their game which includes raising dragons, having them battle against each other, and then selling the dragons back for cash--up to $100!

Treasure Trooper also has a treasure hunt that you can go on for $100 and let's you earn money and credits towards the game by participating in their jungle slots.  There are lots of ways to make money on Treasure Trooper and a lot of it is really fun.

Whether you are a member already or not, please click on my dragon eggs below.  They require "human touches" in order to hatch.  If you're not already a member and sign-up after clicking on one of my dragon eggs,  you get your own dragon egg and nest plus a $5 bonus to get started!

My Dragon Eggs at Treasure Trooper:
Click the picture below to help my dragon hatch, get your own dragon egg & nest, and get a $5 bonus!


My Dragons at Treasure Trooper:



  1. Hello, I'm not sure how old this is but if you touch my dragon egg it would be greatly appreciated and I'll make sure to click yours as well. :)

    1. pls click my egg