Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Swagbucks is probably my favorite "paid to complete offers" site mainly because there are so many options outside of simply completing offers and because some Swagbucks  earnings can be practically passive! (And I don't just mean referrals!)  500 Swagbucks equal approximately $5, but there are ways to get more bang for your Swagbuck! (More on that later.)  There are so many ways to earn with Swagbucks it is going to be hard to do it concisely but I'll do my best!

Daily To-Do List & Goal Meter

When you log onto Swagbucks, there will be two items on the left hand side that you will want to pay attention to--the Goal Meter and the Daily To-Do List.

The Goal Meter gives you two daily goals and will give you bonus Swagbucks for reaching those goals.  Additionally, if you consecutively reach your first goal for 7, 14, 21, and/or 31 days, you will earn additional Swagbucks (up to 300 Swagbucks).  The daily goals vary based upon your general Swagbucks usage and earnings, but if you meet both goals daily, you are guaranteed to get enough Swagbucks per month to earn one or two $5 gift cards.  (And this doesn't include all the Swagbucks racked up and money you earned meeting the goals, this is just bonus stuff!)

The Daily To-Do List  is 4 tasks that you get bonus Swagbucks for everyday, they are very simple: the Daily Crave is a link you click and for clicking certain links or checking out certain websites you earn 1 bonus Swagbuck (SB from now on), the SwagButton is an extension which you can and should install on your browser you not only get an automatic 1SB for installing it but it will also alert you to new Swagbucks codes to earn you even more Swagbucks, the Daily Poll is a multiple choice question that you get 1SB for answering, and the NOSO are a series of offers that you will get 2SB for simply clicking through (you hit "More Deals" to click through).  By performing the Daily To-Do List you can easily get 5 SBs every day.

Complete Offers

Just like all paid to complete offer sites, Swagbucks pays you to complete offers.  There are several offers on the home page--some free and others where you have to sign up for a subscription of some sort, make a donation, etc...  There are also several offers available under Discover->Special Offers. These Special Offers are broken up by TrialPay, RadiumOne, AdWall, SuperRewards, Peanut Labs, SponsorPay, RevU, Toro, and RadioLoyalty. (RadioLoyalty not so much being a "complete offers" situation but rather the opportunity to earn 5SB for every 30 min of internet radio you listen to.) These different paid to complete offers sources are commonly used throughout the various sites and people are known to have issues with ensuring that offers credit (often due to their browser settings or other issues), I find the Swagbucks Reddit helpful for getting advice on which offers are crediting, which are easy, and what info is needed.  I check out the Swagbucks Reddit daily for advice on which offers to complete.

Take Surveys

Taking online surveys is another way to make Swagbucks, although I tend to stay away from them because they are often more trouble/take up more time than they are worth.  Surveys can be found at Answer -> Surveys and Swagbucks does offer a few types of surveys. You can sign up for targeted e-mail surveys and get surveys sent to your e-mail.  There is also a daily survey worth 60SB, your personal survey dashboard for targeted surveys, and the gold surveys for even more highly targeted surveys.  If you are disqualified from a survey you will receive 1 SB (up to 5SB per day).

Shop Online

Like many paid to complete offers sites, Swagbucks has a feature to allow you to earn cash back (or really Swagbucks back) for shopping online at your numerous online retailers.  Swagbucks has complete transparency regarding how many Swagbucks you will get per dollar spent for each online shop and you can compare it with other Cash Back Shopping Sites to decide what will give you the best bang for your buck.

Search the Web

You can earn even more Swagbucks simply for searching the internet.  Either search through the Swagbutton, website, or make Swagbucks your default search on your browser and you will randomly earn Swagbucks for searching the internet.  Generally you earn 5 to 15 SBs for searches, but I have seen someone post on Reddit a screenshot showing he/she earned 49 SBs for an internet search.  Search rewards are all random, but it is an easy way to rack up extra Swagbucks.


One of the greatest things about Swagbucks that really distinguishes it from other paid to complete offer sites and allows for completely passive earnings is its series of apps that allow you to earn Swagbucks for playing videos on their apps.  The apps will continually run so you can literally leave your device going and it will earn Swagbucks for you.  (Note: Sometimes there are ads in between the videos that freeze or need to be x-ed out, occasionally check your phone or tablet to confirm.) Swagbucks has six (6) different video playing apps in which you can earn cash.  They are available for Android and iOS.  Below please find the available apps and how many Swagbucks per day you can earn with them:
  • SBTV Mobile - 36 SB per day
  • EntertaiNOW - 18 SB per day
  • - 18 SB per day
  • - 18 SB per day
  • - 18 SB per day (Android only for now)
  • - 18 SB per day (Android only for now)

Bonus App Trick: Favorite shorter videos and play them on loop to earn Swagbucks faster.  You can search the web for lists of the shortest videos per app (an excuse to use Swagbucks search!) but for example in the Garden section on SBTV Mobile and have 10 second tips that you should favorite.

Watch Videos--Swagbucks TV

You can also earn with Swagbucks for watching videos on their site.  They have hundreds of videos to choose from on all different topics--pop culture, food, travel, politics, business, gardening, etc... You earn 3 SB for every 10 videos you watch.  You do not need to watch the entire video to receive credit for watching the video (typically you need to watch about 30 seconds to receive credit) and can check the SB Meter to see how many videos you have watched/need to watch to get Swagbucks.

Check Out Webpages

Swagbucks generally has three types of offers that will pay you to click links to check out websites, articles, or videos: Encrave, Jun Group, and nGage.  The amount of Swagbucks for these offers generally varies but is usually 1-4 SB for several different links/videos.  Jun Group and nGage offers are generally located on the homepage whereas Encrave offers can be found at Discover->Encrave.

Play Games

There are several free games that you can play on Swagbucks to earn more Swagbucks.  Generally you will earn 2SB for every game played and can earn a maximum of 10SB per day from playing games.  This is a quick and easy way to make some extra Swagbucks and hit your daily goal if you're just shy of it.


Under Discover->Coupons, there are several coupons that you can print out and earn 10SB for each one that you use.


Swagbucks regularly runs contests allowing users to make more Swagbucks. There are team contests that you can sign up for and earn bonus Swagbucks based upon how your team does and there are also searching contests where you can earn Collector's Bills worth extra Swagbucks.  Follow the Swagbucks blog for more information on contests and how you can earn extra Swagbucks.


Swagbucks will also give you Swagbucks for referring new members.  You will earn 10% of the SB earnings of every person you refer to sign up for Swagbucks provided they sign up with your referral link.


Ok, now you're probably thinking, I've learned how to earn Swagbucks, but what do I get for them? Well that is simple you can either cash out Swagbucks for gift cards at various retailers, a prepaid Visa gift card, or cash deposited into a Paypal account.  Generally Swagbucks convert such that 500 SB = $5.  However, a $5 Amazon gift card is 450.  Therefore, to get the most bang for your buck, you should first redeem your Swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift cards.  Swagbucks limits you to only 5 types of gift cards per month (in other words once you have redeemed 5 $5 Amazon gift cards in one month, you can no longer redeem for $5 Amazon gift cards that month, but could redeem for other Amazon gift cards or other $5 gift cards).  Instead, what I do once I max out at my 5 $5 Amazon gift cards per month is redeem for Paypal cash.  The minimum for Paypal cash is $25 (2,500 SB).  So for my first 2,250 SB per month I cash out for $5 Amazon gift cards and after that I let my Swagbucks rack up and redeem for cash.  There are plenty of other rewards and gift cards available, but this is what works best for me.  I recommend not skipping the Amazon step, but you may decide to redeem faster for other gift cards to stores you use frequently if you don't want to wait for the cash or don't have a Paypal account.

BONUS SWAGBUCKS TIP: If you want to earn even more Swagbucks, sign up for Bing Rewards. With Bing Rewards you earn points for doing searches through Bing (up to 15 credits for PC searches and 10 credits for mobile searches per day) and they generally have 2-3 other links that you can click for even more credits.  Therefore, you can generally earn 28 credits per day and 840 credits per month.  For the same costs as a $5 gift card on Bing Rewards, you can get 500 Swagbucks.  You can then use 450 SBs for a $5 Amazon gift card and have a bonus 50 SBs towards your next give card.  Bing Rewards will also give you 100 credits for every member that you refer that reaches the "Silver Status."  Sign up for Bing Rewards by clicking this link.

If you're ready to start making money and getting free gift cards with Swagbucks, you can sign up here.