• If you are going to sign-up for multiple paid to complete offers sites, consider signing up for each site with a different e-mail address. Many paid to complete offers sites have overlapping offers and since the offers use your e-mail address to verify your sign-up, if you sign-up for an offer through one site, you will not be able to earn credit signing-up for it through a different paid to complete offers site.

  • Make sure that you read the fine print of what is necessary to receive credit for certain offers. Sometimes you have to complete a certain number of pages of a survey or answer "yes" to a certain number of subsequent offers. Other times you have to sign-up for a program and verify your e-mail, while another program you may have to sign-up for a survey site, confirm your e-mail, and complete a survey. You don't want to get stuck only performing half of the task and not receive credit.

  • After you complete an offer, keep the webpage open for a few minutes to ensure that you receive credit. Thereafter, be sure to clear your cookies. That way if you complete the same offer through another get paid to site or if you complete a similar offer from the same company, you will still receive credit for completing the subsequent offer.

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